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The Art of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan (Book) $26.95

by Gurjot K. Singh, M Ed.


With Tai Chi's growing popularity in the Western world, one challenge that the main stream society usually faces is how this oriental, martial art can be woven into the Western culture so that it can be easily understood and widely accepted. Martial Arts veteran Gurjot K. Singh offers a path towards unravelling this puzzle.  The book provides a systematic view and practical module to the readers to understand and exercise this "Western” Tai Chi. The book will benefit any martial art lover in their daily practice and help the professionals in creating new programs.


About the Author: Gurjot K. Singh, M Ed. (Retired, U.S. Army Ranger, S.E.R.E. & Drill Instructor), holds graduate degrees in Educational Technology & International Relations from Troy University and has written several academic and professional publications. He received the rank of Master from renowned Grandmaster, Dr. Ibraham Ahmed. Master Singh is a certified American Tai Chi & Qigong Association professional (Level II of III.) He is the Founder of Western Tai Chi Ch’uan and the Owner of Angel’s Gym in Fayetteville, N.C.


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