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Tai Chi 4 Kidz (DVD) - Beginners   $24.95

Duration: 62 mins

Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD) - Beginners   $24.95

Six Easy Steps to Enjoy Tai Chi
Duration: 90 mins

Tai Chi for Beginners - Handbook (Book) - Beginners   $6.95

Pages: 60
The handbook is an ideal complement to the video, to be sold separately

Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms (Book) - Beginners   $20.95

207 Pages and close to 400 photos
The 6 Easy Steps for beginners and the 24 Forms

Tai Chi for Older Adults (DVD) - Beginners   $24.95

Duration: 110 mins
Designed to improve your fitness, flexibility and to be more relax

Tai Chi in Flight (DVD) - Beginners   $24.95

Duration: 35 mins.

Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises Wall Chart (Chart) - Beginners   $6.5

841x594mm / 23/33''

Sun Style 73 Forms (DVD) - Intermediate   $39.95

Characterized by internal power and agility
Duration: 90mins

The 24 Forms DVD (DVD) - Intermediate   $29.95

Improve your health with the most popular Tai Chi set
Duration: 120mins

The 32 Sword Forms (DVD) - Intermediate   $39.95

Suitable for people who have learnt the 24 Forms or another tai chi set
Duration: 95 mins

36 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi (DVD) - Advanced   $39.95

Chen is the original style of tai chi
Duration: 100mins

Combined 42 Sword Forms (DVD) - Advanced   $39.95

Containing sword techniques of 4 major styles
Duration: 95 mins

Tai Chi Yang Style 40 Forms (DVD) - Advanced   $39.95

Duration: 106 mins

Teaching Tai Chi Effectively (Book) - Advanced   $14.5

224 Pages and 20 photos
How to attract and retain more students and get more fulfillment from your teaching

The Combined 42 Forms (DVD) - Advanced   $65

Duration: 150 mins

The Tao of Teaching Tai Chi (Book) - Advanced   $15

By Cynthia Fels
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The Tao of Teaching Tai Chi
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