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Enhancing your professional profile    More Detail

ATCQA is a prestigious non-profit organization serving the Tai Chi industry in U.S.A. It has received wide recognitions from federal government agencies, Tai Chi experts and many other professionals in the industries such as health, fitness and Tai Chi in particular (click here to read more). Being a Professional Member of ATCQA will add a strong credit to your professional profile.

Email newsletter marketing program More Detail

Providing free newsletter by email can be a very effective marketing vehicle for businesses, including your Tai Chi or Qigong classes. ATCQA publishes a monthly newsletter, named Supreme Chi Living. It covers various kinds of news and topics about Tai Chi and Qigong. It is an excellent source to keep your customers educated and informed in Tai Chi and Qigong.

In this benefit program, ATCQA customizes the Supreme Chi Living newsletter with your information and sends it to your students and other contacts on your behalf every month. This is an easy way for you to take advantage of the email newsletter marketing strategy without going through the hassel of publishing your own newsletter and distributing it every month.

After your students and other contacts open the newsletter, they will see your name, email address, phone number and/or website URL displayed in the header section, similar to what shows in the sample below -

Free marketing and promotional materials More Detail

ATCQA provides free marketing materials (i.e. brochures, flyers) that can be used to educate your potential customers and to promote your classes. The materials are customized with each member's contact information and emailed to members in digital version. You simply need to print them out.

Here are what some of the brochures look like on the front (on the back there will be your contact information) -
Tai Chi for Health Tai Chi for Students Tai Chi for Workplace
Tai Chi for Health brochure Tai Chi for Students brochure Tai Chi for Workplace brochure

Low-cost liability insurance at group rates More Detail

offered through ATCQA's partnership with NAMASTA - join NAMASTA at a discounted membership fee and access its group-rate liability insurance, healthcare plan, and many other benefits. Click here to download the NAMASTA registration form customized for ATCQA Professional Members

Free online education materials of in-depth Tai Chi knowledge More Detail

Know the scientific evidences on Tai Chi’s benefits. They can help you educate your potential customers and turn them into your clients, as well as serving your existing customers better. They may also help you persuade conventional healthcare providers (i.e. doctors and nurses) to refer patients to you or to establish partnership with you. As ATCQA professional members, you will have access to free online study materials.

Business Referrals More Detail

As the trade association in Tai Chi industry, we receive requests for recommending Tai Chi teachers from individual consumers and healthcare organizations on a daily basis and we refer them to our members who meet their requirements.


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All the above benefits of Professional Membership More Detail

All the above benefits of Professional Membership

Your news in the customized newsletter to your clients More Detail

As described in the #3 benefit for professional Membership, ATCQA will send to your clients a free newsletter customized with your contact information. With the Premium Membership, you can also have your own news published in this newsletter. You just need to send the news to ATCQA every month and ATCQA will be responsible for editing it and integrating it into the newsletter. This is a great way to keep your clients informed with what is going on at your Tai Chi school.

Free presence on the World Wide Web More Detail

ATCQA members can have their websites hosted on ATCQA website without additional cost. Your URL on ATCQA will be In addition, ATCQA will design and create your website free of charge using ATCQA’s template (you can use your own design if that is what you prefer). The web address at ATCQA will give members another powerful marketing and public relationship tool for your business.

Significant discount on website hosting More Detail

If you have your own domain, like http://www.yourdomain, you are entitled to a significant discount on the web hosting services provided by our vendor.


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The pride of being a member of a prestigious national organization More Detail

ATCQA is a prestigious trade association serving the Tai Chi industry in USA. It has received wide recognitions from Federal government agencies, Tai Chi experts and many other professionals in the industries such as health, fitness and Tai Chi in particular (click here to read more). Join ATCQA and receive a membership certificate as an inspiration for your professional advancement or for your personal development.

Free monthly resources helping you grow your professional skills and business More Detail

In our "Supreme Chi Living" monthly newsletter, we include information about such subjects as advanced Tai Chi and Qigong knowledge, teaching skills, the trends in the industry, how to market Tai Chi or Qigong classes, and the related policy and legal issues.

Referral Bonus More Detail

if you refer another person to become an ATCQA member, you will receive a cash award as the bonus. If the referred person becomes a Premium Professional Member, you will receive $10; if the referred person becomes a Professional or Associate Member, you will receive $5.


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