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Testimonials from Some ATCQA Members

"As a professional member of the American Tai Chi Association I enjoy the concise information and support the organization gives to me in the form of news letters and e-mails. People who I contact concerning Tai Chi feel comfortable in the knowledge that I belong to a uniquely American martial/healing art organization." Steven Haidinger, Tai Chi Concho, San Angelo, TX 

"The information you provide through your newletter is very helpful to me. You not only provide information but flyers we can use. I find my membership in ATCA is worth every penny.
I share so much of what I read with my students. You inspire me to learn more. I greatly appreciate what you do. You also save me research time . Thank you for doing what you do and providing the service you do. I look forward to my newsletter every month. Keep up the good work."

Helen, Shrewsbury, MA

"Received excellent support as a new member in navigating site and using services.   Thanks." Greg Howard, Fairfax Station, VA

"I have been a member of the American Tai Chi Association for just a few months now but I can say that they are an outstanding organization.  Prompt in getting back to me regarding questions I have, thorough in their answers to my questions and have worked hard to supply me with brochures for special events I have had. 
I look forward to being a member of the American Tai Chi Association for many years to come!"

Sifu Richard Mieir-King, King's Tai Chi Association and Classes, Lakewood, CA

"I enjoy being able to write my own newsletter information on the American Tai Chi newsletter content and having it sent to my potential and existing student base. It saves me time and helps with our marketing strategy."

Judith Forsyth, Bending Tree Tai Chi Kung, Virginia Beach, VA

"Your organization does an outstanding job of promoting Tai Chi throughout the states. I appreciate the wealth of resources you have created. The information regarding Tai Chi and health has been very beneficial. I am also grateful for the marketing tools you provide (newsletters to clients and newsletters for teachers). " Elisa Smith, Abide in Chi, Miami, FL

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ATCQA-certified Instructor
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