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Testimonials from Some ATCQA Certified Instructors

"With my certification from ATCQA, I was invited to teach at Texas A&M University beyond teaching the community education classes I had been teaching. I started in Fall 2013 teaching credit bearing classes on campus in the Kinesology Dept. In the realm of education, certification is highly regarded as evidence of expertise by those w ho are not experts in that field and need some indication that someone is qualified. Without the certification, I seriously doubt I would have been offered that opportunity. In many circles, a certified instructor is taken more seriously than one who is not. Finally, as my situation shows, certification opens doors and expands access to and knowledge about Tai Chi and Quigong to populations who might not otherwise experience this high impact, lifelong learning activity."
Dr. Suzanne Droleskey, ATCQA-certified Tai Chi Instructor (Level-II)  

"Having a certification from a recognized source like ATCQA has been a big help in being able to teach Tai Chi and Qigong to the general public facilities such as YMCAs, health clubs, recreation centers, adult education programs, wellness programs for business entities as well as some health wellness programs that some insurance companies offer their clients."
Dr. Salvatore Casano, ATCQA-certified Tai Chi Master Instructor  

"The credential from ATCQA strengthens the trust that my current students and clients have in me from and also helps me to attract more students."
Nancy Deye, ATCQA-certified Tai Chi Instructor (Level-I)  

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