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Premium/Professional Membership (View Membership Benefits or Apply Now)
A candidate must be -
1. A resident of the United States, its possessions, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a United States citizen temporarily resident elsewhere; and
2. Teaching Tai Chi as a full-time or part-time job, or running/managing a school or training program that offers instructions in Tai Chi.
Associate Membership (View Membership Benefits or Apply Now)
Anyone who is interested in Tai Chi but not eligible for Professional Membership, or a Tai Chi study group, can become an Associate Member.
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Associate Membership
1 year
2 years

Membership from ATCQA's Partner NAMASTA
Through the partnership between ATCQA and the North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA), ATCQA Professional Members can now join NAMASTA at a special rate (20% discount off its membership fee) and access its low-cost liability insurance at group rates, health care plan and many other benefits.
Please click here to download the NAMASTA registration form customized for ATCQA Professional Members.

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Salvatore Casano
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ATCQA-certified Instructor
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Jim Matthewson
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Rick Tate
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